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The following games are scheduled to be broadcast live:

10/7/2023 15:00
1. Baseball-Bundesliga 10510701
Untouchables Paderborn @ Guggenberger Legionäre
10/8/2023 12:00
1. Baseball-Bundesliga 10510801-1
Guggenberger Legionäre @ Untouchables Paderborn
10/8/2023 15:30
1. Baseball-Bundesliga 10510801-2
Guggenberger Legionäre @ Untouchables Paderborn


If you want to link to one of these games and have it displayed on your homepage, the easiest way is to include an iframe in your page:
<iframe src="" width="1020" height="840" />

Alternatively, you can embed a link, that opens the live inprogress in a separate popup window, as applied on this page:
<a title="launch game" onclick="var,'pop_gamecenter','width=1020,height=840,resizable=1,scrollbars=1');return false;" href="">Live</a>

Replace xxx with the number in the third column called "GameID".